Snapshots expedition in Candijay:
-- from Tawid going to Cogtong

5/28/2015 Hector Miñoza 0 Comments

Day 4 Vacation Tour
- IT TOOK US A LONG DRIVE TRIP from Panglao going to Municipality of Candijay, before we reach Amper Residence at 10:00 AM to visit my wife family-relative in Barangay Tawid.

Amper Residence in Barangay Tawid, Candijay, Bohol.

Candijay is a fourth income class municipality in the province of Bohol, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 29,043.

Candijay is home to the Bohol Island State University (BISU) School of Fisheries offering college courses related to modern fishing methods and fish preservation. It also has educational facilities for elementary and secondary levels in almost all barangays of the municipality.

The name of the town is said to have come from the words "Kang Dihay" meaning belonging to Dihay, a strong man with many followers. The name was eventually changed to Candijay and was organized during the Spanish regime and was then one of the 34 towns in the province in 1879 with a population of 5,030.

The municipality of Candijay was established in 1879 and so was its establishment as a parish. The people were eventually converted to the Roman Catholic religion by the Spaniards. Slowly and through the years, the people adopted themselves to the catholic faith where most of their activities revolved around their church. The parochial church of Candijay is dedicated to Saint Joseph whose feast day is 19 May.

3:43 PM – Photo Walk at Barangay Tawid

4:00 PM – Photo Walk at Barangay Cogtong