Thinking Beyond the GRP-MILF MOA-AD

7/17/2011 Hector Miñoza 0 Comments

"It is on this stakeholder premise that civil society, which includes the academe, has a further role, more pro-active than reactive watchdog work, that of being advocates and even shapers of alternative policies. One good, bold new example of this thrust is the Mindanao Peoples Caucus {MPC) initiated Change for Peace Movement (i.e. Charter Amendments for New Governance and Change). This is premised on the real need for charter change for the peace process, particularly that with the MILF. The fundamental national policies are those found in the Constitution, including its provisions on autonomous regions. If there is a need to change the autonomous regions framework to a better and higher level of self-governance, then there is a need for charter change. The problem is that, though this is a real need that both the GPH and the MILF sides realize, they are both hesitant to say it, for their own respective reasons. And so, someone else — like the "usual suspects" of CSOs -- has to say it." - SOLIMAN M. SANTOS, JR.

ABOUT THE BOOK: In Defense of and Thinking Beyond the MOA-AD

Judge SOLIMAN M. SANTOS, JR. (the Author) with Prof. MIRIAM CORONEL FERRER (GPH Panel Manager)

The AFRIM Staff with Judge Soliman Santos and Prof. Miriam Coronel Ferrer